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purposefuIIdentity.com is an online platform that contains a free online catalogue illustrating the use of organizational values, missions, value drivers and vision statements in practice by organizations from around the world.



Our research team reviews hundreds of corporate websites, looking for the most relevant examples, further on published on purposefulIdentity.com and referenced back to their original source. Visitors can find relevant Purposeful Identity examples and reports illustrating the use of values, missions, value drivers and vision statements in practice by browsing the functional areas and industries taxonomy or by using the advanced search functionality.



The purposefulIdentity.com management team is based in Melbourne, Australia. The content is provided by a worldwide network of research assistants and users.



purposefulIdentity.com is managed by eab group Pty. Ltd., a management consulting company specialising in organisational performance architecture.



The development of the site started in October 2010 and the beta version was released in November 2010. The official launch will take place in early 2011.



Today, organizational leaders are confronted with many complex issues in their quest to generate organizational performance. A leader's success will depend on defining and communication the organizational identity of its own company. purposefulIdentity.com gathers into one place a variety of Purposeful Identity examples from some of the most known organizations. Clarity regarding the identity, role and defining characteristics of an entity organization are paramount for the achievement of its own purpose.

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