Team has a team of experienced consultants and network associates with a blend of practical business experience, strong consulting skills and an interest in academic research. A common denominator of our team is the hand-on approach, the commitment to using scientific methods and practical experience to deliver tangible and sustainable benefits.



Meet some of our team members:


Aurel Brudan

Performance Architect

Aurel Brudan is an international expert in Performance Management and a leading representative of a new generation of researchers and consultants that are reshaping the discipline. What sets Aurel apart is a unique combination of experience, education, innovation and passion for performance architecture.

For the last 10 years, Aurel worked in Europe, USA and Australia, specializing in organizational performance management in industries such as financial services, real estate, operations, services, as well as the federal, state government and non-profit sectors. Aurel also has extensive experience in Procurement and Project Management, at both project delivery and PMO operations levels. As consultant he conducted numerous performance management systems implementations using solutions such as the Balanced Scorecard, operational dashboards and functional performance scorecards. Among the most important clients are: Australia Post, National Australian Bank, the Australian Federal Administration and the Victorian Government.

Aurel’s academic qualifications include a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Economics / Marketing and a Graduate Certificate in Commercialisation at Melbourne Business School (in progress). Aurel is also in the final stages of his PhD. candidature at the University of Melbourne, researching Integrated Performance Management Frameworks. His certifications in Enterprise Architecture (TOGAF 9) and Project Management (PRINCE 2 Practitioner) complement his extensive performance management acumen.

Aurel has published a number of forward thinking academic articles on performance management topics and has presented at both academic and practitioner conferences at international level.

As an educator, Aurel accumulated hundreds of hours of experience in a variety of settings, from open and in-house training delivery, to tutoring management for the University of Melbourne.

Aurel is a member of the Academy of Management, the Australian New Zealand Academy of Management, the Australian Institute of Management and the Australian Marketing Institute.


·         Bachelor of Science with Honours in Economics / Marketing

·         PhD. Candidate at the University of Melbourne, researching Integrated Performance Management Frameworks (in progress)

·         Graduate Certificate in Advanced Learning and Leadership at the University of Melbourne (in progress)

·         Graduate Certificate in Commercialisation at the Melbourne Business School (in progress)




Adrian Brudan

Project Manager

Adrian has diverse management and consulting skills from his educational and work experience background.  He participated in several consulting projects overseas, being part of international teams of young MBAs and consultants.

During his postgraduate studies Adrian has gained extensive insight in performance management and maturity models. His MSc thesis researched the use of performance management maturity models in organizations. His findings provide a platform for future research in areas that address the development and usage of Performance Management Maturity Models.


·         Bachelor of Science with Honours in Economics/ International Economic Relations

·  Master of Science in EU Business and Law (ASB), Denmark

·  Master of Science in Management and European Integration (UVT)




Anita (Yixin) Liang

Research Analyst  

Anita has robust research and analysis skills derived from her education background and internship experience. She participated in several business research projects in both Australia and China. Through these projects, Anita developed her ability to deliver business insights through rigorous research, analysis and synthesis.


·  Bachelor of Economics

·  Bachelor of Business

·  Master of Management (Accounting) at the University of Melbourne






Ophenia (Qiwen) Liang

Marketing Analyst  

Ophenia has versatile marketing skills from her academic and practical experience, with a specialization in online marketing. She is a practitioner in both search engines marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) area, from strategic campaign planning to execution and evaluation. Ophenia has professional marketing experience in emerging markets as well as developed countries, as she has worked in China, India, New Zealand and Australia. Her industry experience includes media, telecommunications, education and the not-for-profit sector.


 ·   Bachelor of Management in Public Relations

 ·   Master of Applied Commerce in Marketing at the University of Melbourne






Jessie (Qi) Zhang

Marketing Coordinator

Jessie has gained broad and comprehensive insights into marketing through graduate studies and work experience in the area. She has developed exceptional skills in general marketing management, public relations management and service marketing through professional experience in both international companies and not-for-profit organisations. The combination of skills and experience enables her to create, implement and control integrated marketing programs in an effective way. 


 ·  Bachelor of Medial Science in Nursing

 ·  Master of Applied Commerce in Marketing at the University of Melbourne






Justin (Jia Kai) Goh

Project Manager

Justin has dual training, with university degrees in both business and engineering. Complementing his studies, he has gained valuable business experience by being involved in several business consulting projects at companies such as ANZ and SKM in Australia and Malaysia. He also managed a few smaller scale engineering projects in countries like Papua New Guinea. Through these experiences, Justin has developed the skills of working with people from a diverse culture, project planning and project management. His industry experience includes banking, engineering, community development and retail services. 


 ·         Bachelor of Engineering (Environmental)

 ·         Bachelor of Commerce (Business)






Dr. Sorin Daniliuc


Sorin has strong skills in quantitative analysis and his technical knowledge of accounting, business finance and management can be applied to provide a range of high quality services for clients. During the last seven years he was engaged in complex assignments and projects involving research and data analysis that proved his investigative, conceptualising and analytical skills.

In recent years, Sorin has gained extensive experience in the analysis of business viability and profitability. His PhD thesis researched the acquisition-process factors that influence the accounting and capital market performance of Australian publicly listed acquirers. His research provided him with the capacity to evaluate and make recommendations on M&As. Throughout the project, Sorin developed his ability to strategically analyse investment prospects in their entirety and to conduct major projects.

As a management and economic consultant, Sorin uses his analytical skills to provide a complete suite of organisational performance management solutions, ranging from business plan development to the design and preparation of performance reports.


·  Bachelor of Science with Honours in Economics / Management

·  PhD in Commerce (ANU): "Acquisition process factors that influence the performance of publicly listed acquirers"


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