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  • Edited on: 21/10/2013
    Al-Babtain Group is a company that dates back to 1948; it is the strategy of the group to grow its core businesses in the automotive, Information Technology and Manufacturing sectors, both organically and when the opportunity occurs by selective acquisition. The company will never compromise the quality of service to its customers or suppliers in the interests of growth and, is committed to the highest levels of staff professional, technical and motivational training, with continuous management development aiming to maintain the highest customer satisfaction standards. The company has an active investment division with the principle aim of creating an additional profit stream targeting the real estate business, focused on the leisure, residential and commercial sectors, some in adjacent secure countries. The strategy includes partnerships with the most prominent operating companies in their fields of activity after, careful market research, thorough due diligence, the employment of qualified staff and consultants, to achieve the investment projected success criteria.
  • Passion for excellence : Excellence is not a destination, but a never ending journey. For us, every milestone is a new benchmark. Every challenge we face is an opportunity to excel. Every achievement is a step to greater heights.
  • Integrity in everything we do : Integrity has to be the heart of every single transaction and relationship. A framework of trust enables the smooth and transparent conduct of all business operations and is the bedrock on which institutions are built. It is something we practice everyday.
  • Commitment to all stakeholders : Sound judgement and discretion is crucial to protecting our investments and reputation. Our customers are the lifeblood of our business. And only by satisfying them first we have the opportunity to satisfy the needs of our other stakeholders.

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