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Ameco Beijing


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Pre-flight, transit, after-flight and other maintenance services

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leading position,
excellent reputation,
outstanding quality,
cost efficient operation,
tailored technical solutions,
customer satisfaction,
trustworthy partner,
individual development ,
qualified and motivated employees,
economic succes,

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  • Edited on: 2011-12-09
    We are the leading company for maintenance, repair and overhaul services in China and a major player in the international market with excellent reputation.
  • Edited on: 2011-12-09
      1. We are a reliable MRO provider for commercial aircraft As a leading maintenance, repair and overhaul provider in China's civil aviation industry, we pursue activities in aircraft line maintenance, aircraft overhaul, engine overhaul, and component overhaul. Our leading position is supported by our outstanding quality, cost efficient operation, overall technical competence and our general spectrum of product. We offer tailored technical solutions to our customers. China is our home market.   2.We permanently work on customer satisfaction and strive for supreme reputation We know what our customers need and shape our actions accordingly. This is the basis of our success.  We are firmly committed to safety, quality and reliability. Our services add value to our customers. They trust in us. Their satisfaction is the basis of a long-term cooperation.   3.We are a fair and trustworthy partner. Partnership enhances the success of us and our partners We are the reliable partner for our customers, partners and suppliers. We are a reliable member of a successful global MRO network. We coordinate our actions. Partnership and cooperation create more business opportunities and better MRO solutions for us, for our partners, and most of all, for our customers.   4.We regard our employee as the most valuable asset of the company We believe the development of our employees is a major contribution to the growth of the company. We provide attractive jobs and opportunities for individual development in an interesting and safe working environment. Our employees are qualified and motivated with a deep sense of responsibility, team spirit and creativity. We respect individual and value the contributions of every employee. They endeavor with customer-friendly services.   5.Economic success is the cornerstone of our existence Economic success is the basis for our further development. We guarantee our shareholders an attractive return of their investment. Our employees participate in the economical success of the company.    6. We protect our environment and conserve resources We realize that conservation of resources and protection of environment is crucial for further existence. Our decisions take full account of environment protection and rational utilization of resources. We use most efficient technologies.  

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