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Credit Agricole Egypt


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Retail banking services provider

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  • Edited on: 2011-06-30
    Be the most preferred private international bank in 2010 Become the reference in the market for product offering and service quality Be a bank that attracts, develop and retain the talents of today, the managers of tomorrow Be a bank with a strong corporate identity, mixing the local values with those of Crédit Agricole Achieve and maintain the profitability requirements of the shareholders  
  • Edited on: 2011-06-30
      The mission of Crédit Agricole Egypt for the next 5 years Turn the bank into a total customer centric organization From the current momentum, increase and sustain strong business growth Capitalize on technology to bring up state of the art systems to staff and customers Constantly innovate and bring up distinctive added values solutions and products Create a strong brand equity and awareness in the market Maximize the geographical coverage of our delivery channels and create proximity with customers  

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