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  • Edited on: 2011-12-03
    Be the safest, most customer-focused and successful transportation company in the world.
  • Edited on: 2011-12-03
    Norfolk Southern's mission is to enhance the value of our stockholders' investment over time by providing quality freight transportation services and undertaking any other related businesses in which our resources, particularly our people, give the company an advantage.
  • S Safety : . We put safety first by taking care of the people around us and following the rules.
  • P Performance : . We are performance driven and committed to providing quality customer service. We act on facts and are accountable for results.
  • I Integrity. : We do the right thing. We are open, fair, honest and straightforward.
  • R Respect. : We believe in the importance of all of our stakeholders. We value the ideas and beliefs of our co-workers.
  • I Innovation. : We constantly seek new ideas and creative solutions to business challenges.
  • T Teamwork : . We believe that working together always produces the best results.

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