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Saudi Aramco OOC Group

Saudi Arabia

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Exporter of crude oil and natural gas liquids

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  • Edited on: 01/09/2014
    By 2020, Saudi Aramco will be the world’s leading integrated energy and chemicals company, focused on maximizing its income, facilitating the sustainable and diversified expansion of the Kingdom’s economy and enabling a globally competitive and vibrant Saudi energy sector.
  • Excellence : At Saudi Aramco, excellence translates into all aspects of our workplace. It is our personal and group commitment to doing what we do well. We drive for best results and are agile in addressing new challenges. As a business, we drive excellence by setting challenging goals, rewarding top performance, committing ourselves to developing our people, encouraging innovation, creativity and diversity of thought, and fostering teamwork and open communication.
  • Safety : Safety is an integral part of Saudi Aramco’s culture. The company is committed to providing a safe and respectful working environment for all. The company provides a safe working environment with the appropriate safety procedures and policies in place onsite and within the community. We define safety as protecting ourselves, protecting others and protecting our future.
  • Integrity : The integrity of business at Saudi Aramco is based on the ethical standards of our employees in our everyday operations. Integrity is a precious asset, it is our reputation and the foundation of corporate integrity is personal integrity. We treat people with fairness and respect, we embrace diversity and accept differences and we do not tolerate misconduct.
  • Citizenship : No matter where in the world we are conducting business, it is important to be known as a good corporate citizen and to be a positive influence within communities. As a global company in Saudi Arabia, we take this role seriously. We define citizenship as acting as a catalyst for economic growth, demonstrating social responsibility, supporting our communities and serving as role models in building solid relationships with our customers and partners.
  • Accountability : Accountability means all employees at Saudi Aramco take responsibility for their actions in meeting corporate objectives. Accountability for achieving Saudi Aramco’s overarching business objectives starts with the goals and objectives outlined by the president & CEO for the company’s business lines, and pervades through the entire company. Saudi Aramco employees place authority where responsibility lies, deliver on commitments and seek and provide constructive feedback.

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