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  • People : We work to ensure development opportunities for all Company employees, based on merit and the professional contribution made.
  • Health and safety : We make a firm commitment towards occupational health and safety by promoting a preventive culture.
  • Team work : We encourage everyone's participation in the pursuit of a common goal, sharing information and knowledge.
  • Ethical Behaviour : We encourage professionalism, moral integrity, loyalty and respect for others.
  • Customer focus : The focus of our efforts is to boost customer satisfaction by providing competitive, high-quality solutions.
  • Innovation : We strive constantly to improve and find innovative solutions to meet the maximum profitability criteria.
  • Focused on results : Our activities are aimed at meeting the objectives of the business project and profitability for our shareholders, endeavouring to exceed expectations.
  • Community and the Environment : We have made a social and cultural commitment to the Community and adapt our business strategies to preserve the environment.

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