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We commit to endeavour constantly to improve the calibre of our people at all levels of our organisation with the objective of having the best team in each field of the business. This can only be done by employing the most careful methods of selection, training and promotion. Without attaining this goal most of the others can never be reached. With it, they are all possible.

Health, Safety % Environment (HSE)

We commit to drive and foster a strong Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) culture throughout our organisation. To protect the health and safety of our people and all those affected by our activities. To protect the environment, minimize wastage and pollution, and ensure efficient use of natural resources. To provide a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and contractors.


We commit to conduct all phases of our business under the highest standards of ethics and morality.


We commit to foster harmony throughout our organisation, provide satisfactory working conditions; properly reward our employees by adequate compensation, and to implement reward schemes. We commit to make Renaissance a place not only where people want to work, but where they will be happy in their work, and seek to do their best in the common interest of all stakeholders. We commit to generate shareholder reward and enduring shareholder value.

Efficiency & Productivity

We commit to continually improve our systems, our methods and our facilities so that our costs will be as low or lower and our quality as good or better than our competitors.


We commit to serve our customers so well that we will merit a volume of business from them relatively as great or greater than that enjoyed by our competitors. To give our customer what they want, not what we think they want or would prefer them to want. To deliver projects, products and services on time, in cost and in compliance with customer specification. To foster non-confrontational contract relations with customers. We commit to exceed customer expectations, safely, efficiently and profitably.


We commit to expand our existing business and enter new activity whenever the undertaking appears wise and the investment sound in relation to the financial condition of the company.


We commit to apply a policy of nondiscrimination in employment and promotion. Merit and experience alone should govern, and all should have equal opportunity irrespective of race, colour, gender or creed.


Social Responsability

We commit to lend our best efforts to improve and assist the communities in which we serve and the countries and markets in which we operate. We commit to provide employment opportunities to local workforce. We must not reap where we have not sown.


We commit to apply the highest standards of good governance. To inform our employees, shareholders, customers and the public fully and regularly regarding our plans, our progress and our problems.



We commit to embrace a Quality Assurance culture. To drive and foster a "continuous improvement" credo in everything we do. Never satisfied, always innovative.



We commit to make an annual return on our sales and our invested capital as good or better than any other company in each business area, ensuring each business entity achieves and exceeds agreed business plans.






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