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Medical Practice

Medical practice includes all specialized healthcare institutions for outpatients, where the medical staff diagnose, treat and prevent diseases using clinical judgment. KPIs in this area generally monitor the performance of the medical clinics in terms of patients treated and the service quality, the administration operations and the medical diagnosis and treatment.

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Patterson Companies Inc.

United States
Last updated
13 December 2011
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Industry: Healthcare 
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List: S&P 500 ;

CVS Caremark

United States
Last updated
19 May 2011
Rating: (0/5)
Industry: Healthcare 
0 Comments      15210 views
List: Fortune 500 ; S&P 500 ;


Last updated
15 April 2011
Rating: (0/5)
Industry: Healthcare 
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List: BEL-20 ;

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"Dissemination of Information - Pertinent information will be disseminated to appropriate stakeholders in a timely and efficient manner."

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