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Provider of drawn steel wire products

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  • Edited on: 2011-01-13
    Focus on sustainable profitable growth. We do this all over the world in a responsible and professional way: By implementing our worldwide market and technological leadership strategy in the business segments and markets where we are active. By working for success together: with our customers, suppliers and other business partners, within our organization, and throughout the divisions and regions.  
  • Edited on: 2011-01-13
    Safeguard the future of our company through sustainable profitable growth. Be recognized as a world leader in our selected business segments, offering our customers – as their preferred supplier – innovative and high quality products and services. Maintain our position as an employer of choice for the best talent by providing professional growth opportunities and competitive rewards, thereby reflecting the value we place on global diversity.
  • Resilience : is the ability to come back stronger after a setback and to seize opportunities with a positive drive.
  • Trust : relates to confidence in own and others' strengths and the mutual respect between colleagues or partners.
  • Integrity : is a condition for building and earning trust. Honesty and fairness characterize the real professional. The colleague or partner we want to work with.

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